Monday, 20 September 2010

Eco-Tours St Lucia

There is plenty of choice when planning an eco-holiday to the Caribbean and St Lucia is no exception. Eco-cabins, sustainable resorts and bio-reserve accommodation are all available on the beautiful island.
Eco-tourism is a booming industry with thousands of holiday-makers now opting for the green holiday alternative where each element of the trip is designed to reduce carbon footprints and create an ecologically sound, relaxing experience. 

Increasing media coverage about the damaging effects of greenhouse gases and carbon emissions has had a deep impact on the way consumers choose to spend their money and the products or services which interest them. Eco-friendly resorts offer a perfect solution to families and couples wanting to enjoy a holiday without damaging the planet. 

St Lucia boasts a wide variety of options for the responsible traveller. The Caribbean paradise island has managed to retain a large amount of its traditional charm and native culture despite its tourist appeal.  The island is fairly small compared to some of its larger Caribbean neighbours, and makes up part of the chain of islands known as the Lesser Antilles. St Lucia is mountainous with high volcanic peaks and covered in lush tropical rainforests and unspoilt vegetation. Rainforest eco-cabins are ideal for couples as they offer tree –top privacy and incredible bird watching opportunities. 

Eco-tours of the island are also commonly available allowing visitors to explore the tropical rainforests with expert guides, the volcanic peaks and look at the agriculture and farming techniques used on the island.

Diving in the marine park is also encouraged and providing they are accompanied by a qualified instructor who understands the marine eco-system visitors can explore the incredible underwater of stunning coral, fish and other marine life. The eco-system in the water must be treated with respect but exploring the vast array of sights beneath the water is a must of visitor to the island.


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